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Here in a few lines is the reason for the foundation of our company reflected by our logos. “You have to know where you come from to know where you are going” (a truth expressed by every historian). We cannot ignore the importance of Native Americans in the history of our elixir, maple syrup.

The love of the forest by the Native Americans (legend on the label) as well as the sharing of their knowledge allowed the first settlers to flourish in the joy that was the first chore of spring and the announcement of the end of winter. From all these stories was born the noble maple leaf on the Canadian flag, which represents the pride of a country. This is why it was difficult for us to choose a name for our maple grove; we cannot dissociate the word “pride” from the word “maple grove”.

This is the reason why two names were selected for the marketing of our maple products. Our maple grove is located on a 195-acre estate in the heart of the Black Mountains of Ripon in Petite-Nation, hence one of the company's names. As for the Érablière Fleur de lys appellation, it was chosen to market our maple alcohol products.  Thus, with company names like Érablière des Montagnes Noires and Érablière Fleur de lys, there is no doubt that we want to offer high quality maple products. It was therefore imperative for us to acquire a wood-fired evaporator even though we have more than 5,000 taps. The idea behind it was simply a process of slower evaporation of maple water over a wood fire in order to obtain as many flavors as possible in addition to the refinement of our maple products. From this vision, we work with an ancestral whiskey still model made entirely of copper. This type of still allows us to obtain a true pure maple taste in our alcohol. In conclusion, to have good alcohol, you need good maple syrup!!!

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