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Érablière des Montagnes Noires offers a marketing strategy that could help you obtain the expected results when it comes to investing in advertising. Our maple grove specializes in the sale of maple products. These 250 ml or 375 ml glass bottles can be labeled in your company's colors. Érablière des Montagnes Noires is involved in this sales strategy in order to help companies maintain or increase the feeling of belonging to their respective products and/or services. Based on the principle that maple syrup is a source of pride for all Canadians, we believe that the distribution of these personalized bottles can only help you promote your business.


Here's why: when you hand the maple syrup bottle to your customer or a potential customer, notice the joy that this gift will bring them. This advertising, in addition to being original, will guarantee you certain visibility with your client and all their loved ones. Therefore, over the next few months, he will think of you every time he takes your bottle from his refrigerator and will inevitably talk about it to his guests. This is an advertisement that respects and even exceeds the usual standards of good placement in similar matters, both to ensure the loyalty of your current clientele and to expand it.

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